Protect Your Parenting Rights

Protect Your Parenting Rights

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When you’re in the middle of a divorce, it’s important to remember what’s best for your child or children. You want to maintain your parental rights while determining a plan for custody. Jeff Biddle Law handles family law situations, including child custody, in Chandler, Arizona.

Arizona custody laws allow parents and guardians the options of joint custody and grandparent visitation rights. A parenting plan will keep in mind that:

  • A child’s needs change as they grow and develop
  • Both parents need access to official records
  • Continuing a parent-child relationship is important

The parent with custody must make important decisions for the child, especially in cases of emergency. Call 480-622-4987 today to speak with a child custody lawyer in Chandler, AZ.

Learn the different types of custody

There are two types of custody recognized by Arizona courts. Legal custody refers to a parent or guardian’s right to make major life decisions, such as schooling and religious upbringing. Physical custody involves which parent or guardian the child will live with. Sole and joint custody are both possible.

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